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Email The Volunteer50 committee selects which organizations to feature based on their willingness to partner with Volunteer50, their capacity to handle large numbers of volunteers and geographic diversity.

2016–2017 All-Stars

June 2017 – Animal Welfare

May 2017 – World Affairs and Civic Engagement

April 2017 – Environment

March 2017 – Women’s Issues

February 2017 – Health and Safety

January 2017 – Social Justice

December 2016 – Children and Youth

October 2016 – Arts

September 2016 – Education

2015–2016 All-Stars

June 2016 – Animal Welfare

May 2016 – World Affairs and Civic Engagement

April 2016 – Environment

March 2016 – Women’s Issues

February 2016 – Health and Safety

January 2016 - Social Justice

December 2015 – Children and Youth

November – Homelessness and Hunger

October – Arts

September 2015 – Education

2014–2015 All-Stars

June 2015-Animal Welfare

May 2015-World Affairs and Civic Engagement

April 2015-Environment

March 2015-Women’s Issues

February 2015-Health and Safety

January 2015-Social Justice

December 2014-Children and Youth

November 2014-Homeless and Hunger

October 2014-Arts

September 2014–Education

2013–2014 All-Stars

June 2014–Animal Welfare

May 2014–Youth Homelessness

April 2014–Environment

March 2014–Women’s Issues

February 2014–Health and Safety

January 2014–Social Justice

December 2013—Children and Youth

November 2013—Homelessness and Hunger

October 2013—Arts

September 2013—Education

2012–2013 All-Stars

June 2013—Animal Welfare

May 2013—World Affairs and Civic Engagement

April 2013—Environment

March 2013—Women’s Issues

February 2013—Health and Safety

January 2013—Social Justice

December 2012—Children and Youth

November 2012—Homelessness and Hunger

October 2012—Arts

September 2012—Education

2011–2012 All-Stars

May 2012

April 2012

March 2012

February 2012

January 2012

December 2011

November 2011
Homelessness and Hunger

October 2011

September 2011

2010–2011 All-Stars